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Happy Independence Day of Ukraine! Today we don’t just celebrate this holiday, we fight over it!

One and a half years of brutal aggression day and night, we are forced to defend our right to be Ukrainians and live on our land.

All this time we pay a bloody tribute for freedom and sovereignty.

However, we are becoming stronger, realizing ourselves as a single nation, realizing that we are now passing the main test for our statehood.

One of the main activities of our charitable organization is assistance in the humanitarian demining of the territories of Ukraine. As well as rebuilding and restoring the infrastructure of our state. So we will make every effort to make it happen.

May the Independence Day, which these days has been filled with new meaning, bring the long-awaited peace, well-being, and prosperity to our homes!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Roman Palchykov, Chairman of the First Foundation for Rebuilding of Ukraine